Touchscreen Kiosks are available in various models and sizes. Starting from tablet size to 50" Multitouch tables.
Kiosks are available in a range of free standing slim kiosks to fit easily and comfortably into any location.
All in one touch PC's from leading manufacturers can be integrated into the kiosk.

Free Standing Kiosks

  • 22" Multitouch Screen
  • Elegant Slim Design
  • Branding space available on the enclosure
  • Highly rugged and optional castor wheels for Mobility

Multi Touchtables

  • 32" and above upto 50" Multitouch Screen.
  • Powerful integrated PC.
  • Integrated with Omnitapp multi touch software.
  • Ideal for collaborative presentations.

Tablet Kiosks

  • IPads or Android tablets can be mounted on a kiosk stand.
  • Kiosks are secured to run only the required apps or websites.
  • Being sleek and easy to use has high consumer appeal.
  • Ideal for consumer engagement in retail, hotel industries.