Content Management is the key factor for successful digital signage implementation. Proper scheduling and removal of content is very important else the screen becomes stale. Social networking should be integrated on the display with availability of live feeds for keeping the screen interesting.

Content Management Services Features

The core of the Digital Signage Content Management is the robust web based software for day to day management of the content with the following features:
  • Play all types of video files including the HD videos.
  • Play Flash(.swf) and Image files (.jpeg,.png)
  • Display RSS and MRSS feeds.
  • Display HTML websites with cropping features.
  • Display Weather forecast and stock tickers.
  • Integrate Live DTH television channels.
  • Integrate Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Videos can be streamed from the Youtube.
  • Emergency alerting system which will over ride the existing timeline that is being run.
  • Create Multiple timelines to play in sequential or time schedule mode.
  • Remote Management of the players and proof of play reports are provided.

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