Videowalls deliver an unrivaled visual experience that can communicate brand messaging with impact or bring a world of information before your eyes on one stunning digital canvas.
For your lobby, conference center, control room or store, we can customize a videowall solution to your specific requirements

Interactive Floor Projection kiosks are ultimate for entertainment and brand promotions. An interactive image is projected on to the floor and the body movements is used to create the interactivity

Video Walls

  • Ultra Thin bezzel large screen monitors.
  • Easy Mounting System creates a thin profile
  • Single content can be seamlessly run on all the screens
  • Digital Signage with multiple content on various screens.

Floor Projection Kiosk

  • Multiple number of built in template software.
  • Can customise the templates with logos and images.
  • Repeated and Scheduled playbacks available.
  • Infra red interactive system.

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